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office #205, Mezzanine floor, Hamsah A complex, Al Karama, , Karama, Dubai, UAE, 125052
September 25, 2019
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"Only one-time pay", NO MORE MONTHLY PAY OR YEARLY PAY TO MANAGE YOUR BUSINESS SOFTWARE. Once you setup this PoS system & software, it will stand for a lifetime.

We help you to set up Point of Sale system easily. Our created PoS system eases the payment flow and makes order placement a convenient procedure for your customers. You can take more smart decisions with our PoS software Dubai solutions by accessing real-time sales reports on the basis of discounts, items, and others.

Our fiNCORP ERP software eases the PoS system that will help you to adjust your inventory and add the descriptions of various items conveniently. Grow your retail business with our POS system & software solution. One easy, efficient, and powerful POS system and software in the market. Contact us today and start building your business in a smart way at an affordable price. We make sure our PoS is easily understood, and that all of your employees can easily learn and manage our PoS system

This fiNCORP PoS system and software is aimed for small and medium-sized businesses. It covers everything to manage your business sales & inventory activities. This PoS software is very easy to learn, so even if you've never had experience with the PoS system, you will be able to quickly learn and operate with our pos system. Click here to read more https://khibratech.com

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Address: office #205, Mezzanine floor, Hamsah A complex, Al Karama, , Karama, Dubai, UAE, 125052